Advanced Drone And Dash Camera Systems

What We Do

Our Precision delivery hardware allows safe, legal, and precision midflight ejection of cargo that lands into designated landing areas the size of a helipad.

Vehicle & Air Cargo Deliveries Anywhere in the World

Our software maps the delivery route and instructs the pilot where and how to fly.

Automated cargo handling systems get things out the door of the aircraft.

Our pods use guidance and real-time control to direct the cargo flight-path.

Cargo arrives safely and precisely even to the most remote locations in the world.

Automating the Next Generation of Air Cargo Capabilities

DASH is a new concept in Air cargo. Marrying aerospace engineering expertise built on a cutting edge UAV backbone.  
DASH Systems unlocks the capability for any cargo airplane to deliver a package direct the ground without the need for airports, runways or landings. Allowing deliveries in remote, rural, or areas inaccessible by any other  method.

Drone Air Cargo Delivery

Building the World’s First Civilian Aerial Delivery Platform

Drone Delivery may work for your local pizza delivery, but let’s face it; Your suppliers and customers are much further apart. DASH Systems enables ultra precise cargo delivery anywhere in the world by using our proprietary autonomous delivery vehicles launched from existing commercial aircraft.  If a plane can fly over your head our delivery systems can work for you. We are built upon decades of aerospace engineering expertise to deliver a cargo delivery platform that has unrivaled performance, cost and range.  This is so much more than drone & vehicle delivery. We’re very passionate about our work – Meet The Team if you don’t believe us!

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