Helping Puerto Rico with Dash Shipping's own Drone and Dash Camera Systems

Come Together to Help Puerto Rico

At DASH Systems, we believe in the power of collective effort, especially in times of need. Following Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico, many areas are still isolated or haven’t received adequate aid. Even when roads are open there is a critical shortage of drivers and fuel. Crowley counted 10,000 shipping containers waiting in the port of San Juan.

In response to this crisis, the FAA has granted DASH Systems emergency authorization to deploy our life-saving aid across the island. Leveraging our dual capabilities in drone UAV technology and advanced dash cam systems, our mission extends beyond traditional logistics. We aim to reach communities cut off from the world, focusing on the most vulnerable and those in dire need of assistance.

Our commitment has seen us donate our time, expertise, and systems. In collaboration with those holding essential supplies, we’ve initiated air drop operations using our drones, while ensuring road transportation safety and monitoring through our dash cams. However, our resources alone can only support a limited number of flights.

All donations went towards sustaining our vehicle deliveries and air drop operations in Puerto Rico and beyond. Through our dedication to drone and dash camera evidence safety, we knew we had the potential to help out less fortunate regions. We were able to get the people of Puerto Rico their much needed necessities like running water and electricity.

Please note: We are no longer accepting donations. Thank you to everyone who participated. Though we are no longer accepting donations, our commitment to Puerto Rico remains steadfast. We continue to work tirelessly, utilizing our drone and dash camera systems to break down barriers in freight logistics to get important packages delivered safely.

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Our Commitment to Puerto Rico

We Need Your Help

We are no longer accepting donations. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Your donations have been instrumental in continuing and sustaining air drop operations in Puerto Rico and beyond, helping us deliver packages across the island without exception. Donations helped us deliver packages everywhere in Puerto Rico, no excuses. We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed.

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