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Aviation Partners

Increase Your Fleet Utilization

Our growing network of commercial airdrop customers unlock demand for new air cargo routes. Commercial airdrops unlocks winning bids against slung load helicopter operations, ground transportation and multi-modal freight forwarding. Your existing air fleet becomes the end to end delivery solution. Since you need no ground infrastructure or even landings you are entitled to increased profitability and higher utilization rates on new routes.

Now Open for Delivery

Helipads, Small fields, remote industries and humanitarian deliveries are just a small sample of the locations now opened up for direct air delivery.
We turn every airplane in the world into a mobile drone launch platform, capable of delivering one to one thousand packages safely with smaller landing zone requirements than a helicopter. Helicopter capability at fixed wing pricing.

Save Fuel & Time

Precision aerial deliveries eliminate all fuel and time associated with descent, taxi and take-off, and replaces it with just five minutes of holding. This results in the equivalent savings of over one hour worth of fuel burn as well as eliminating delays around airport landings and take-offs.

Eliminate Runway Restrictions

Landings account for 51% of all aircraft damage and flight fatalities, precision automated air drops allow for safe operations over improvised and unimproved landing strips in all weather without risking your air frame. Eliminate questionable and unsafe landings due to uncertain or changing ground conditions. Land the cargo instead and head back to your familiar home operating base.

Accuracy Is King

Your airplane is now a hyper accurate airdrop machine. Our delivery systems allow for precise aerial deliveries eliminating concerns of lost, damaged or destroyed cargo and allowing operations to safely take place near obstructions like trees, buildings, and power lines.

We Do The Paperwork

We understand that your pilots and operators may have limited air drop experience. DASH systems provides hands-on assistance with certifications, Flight operation manuals and training materials, and insurance for our platform. Our unique technology is FAA approved for Part 135 certificate holders and requires minimal to no modification of your aircraft. We provide the expertise and training to smoothly integrate precision aerial deliveries into your routine cargo operations.

​Our unique mission planning and electronic flight bag software minimizes pilot load and training time for air drop operations. It is designed with the pilot in mind to allow the first delivery and every delivery to be 100% Successful. Giving easy to use GPS points that can be input into traditional primary navigation devices with real time updates based on the latest weather and traffic data.